Georgia CRCT Practice Tests

Online Practice Tests for the CRCT Testing

CRCT Practice Tests

Boost Your Childís Comprehension and CRCT Score!

The Georgia CRCT, also known as the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests, is designed to assess and measure studentís success and academic comprehension from grades 1 through 8.  To help children boost their confidence and test scores, parents can take advantage of user-friendly resources provided by

Core Content of the CRCT

While the specific content on the CRCT will vary for each grade level, the Georgia CRCT essentially covers core subjects such as:

  • Reading and English Language Skills

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Social Studies

Although the CRCT covers a span of content, each child is supposed to be provided with preparatory instruction during each of their academic school years.  As each grade level has its own specific standards and achievement goals, the CRCT allows school leaders to assess the comprehension and retention for each child.  Additionally, with the data and results of each studentís test, leaders can furthermore evaluate the effectiveness of specific teaching methods and schools. 

Boosting Your Childís Confidence and Performance with CRCT Practice 

As children can often feel anxiety during their first experiences with academic tests, parents can foster confidence and assurance by engaging in routine CRCT Practice at home.

With, students are able to take advantage of an array of resources for gradual practice and improvement. With these CRCT Practice tools, both students and parents can feel more comfortable and assured about their childís understanding of key academic content.

Specific benefits of the CRCT Practice resources include:

  • Practice tests are interactive and engaging, allowing students to master the necessary skills and concepts for each grade level.

  • Students can access practice resources online or in printed workbooks.

  • With online resources, students are able to take advantage of instant progress tracking, as the CRCT Practice program will monitor progress with detailed charts and graphs.

  • The preparation boosts confidence, as the practice materials are designed to align with the same layout as the official CRCT. With this familiarity, students will feel more comfortable taking their official Georgia CRCT.

  • The CRCT Practice resources align with the Federal goals and mandates of No Child Left Behind.

  • All practice questions are uniquely catered to focus on each specific grade levelís curriculum standards.

  • Children are provided with over 1,000 practice questions for each grade level preparation program.

  • Parents can increase their involvement with their childís review and practice with the helpful parent tips and easy-to-use features on the website.

How to Utilize Resources

Since the CRCT Practice tests are available online, students can simply sign up for a 1 month or 12 month preparatory program.  Once students are signed up, they are able to begin their practice without delay.

Additionally, parents do not need to worry about downloading any software.  The entire practice curriculum is accessed strictly through a web-based program, which also means that students are provided with immediate and seamless updates to the materials.

Helping your child prepare for the CRCT may not only improve the test scores, but his or her self-confidence as well. 

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